The John Joseph Inn Restaurant is not open for regular restaurant hours. We offer specially announced public Chef’s tastings in our off season months as well as business retreats, private dinners, specialty functions and weddings! Please call for inquiries and additional information. 607.379.1301 or 607.279.5248

Experience enchanting seasonal cooking at the Restaurant, a restored 1852 carriage house boasting original hand-hewn chestnut beams and polished chestnut siding.  Accomplished owner and chef, John Hamilton is a graduate of the world-renowned Culinary Institute of America and genuinely loves creating culinary experiences that their guests will remember.  Every ingredient enjoyed is carefully selected to nourish the senses and gratify the soul. John is dedicated to the fulfillment of each guest’s wishes and strive to offer tempting organic and seasonal plates. By employing community growers as well as supplying much of the produce from their very own farm, John guarantees their diners unsurpassed freshness in every bite! John Joseph Restaurant features a diverse selection of beverages, including locally crafted beers and wines for a truly rich and provincial flavor. We offer private dinners, special tastings and group culinary classes (link to Hamilton Farm Cookery School). We look forward to delighting you!